Saturday, 10 June 2017

International Exhibition For Custom Cold Steel Knives

The biggest international showcasing of cold steel knives and bladed weapons was held at the Open theatre in Sokolniki Convention Center in Russia. The participants from across the globe took part in the event and demonstrated their artifacts. The exhibition was spread across a massive 4000 sqm. The best picked knives and tools are displayed here. Apart from us, the other out-of- town attendees like, LionSteel, Mandiola Defense and many more were present to showcase their special tools. The presence of online dealers could also be felt, as the exhibition attracted representatives from some of the prominent businesses like Amazon, I Love Diamonds, etc. has wriiten an indepth review on what has since been termed as the “largest show for bladed weapons and swords ever seen!” It truly is worth a read. 

Some of the best professionals from Uglich, Izhevsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Zlatoust were present to demonstrate their artistically designed bladed weapons. The exhibition had a good number of visitors and they had an opportunity to discover interesting facts about the blades. The history of cold steel knives, manufacturing process, private workshop information, local crafters and techniques that go into the making of the knives were explained to the visitors. The visitors were overwhelmed by the information they gathers about knives and weapons in general.

The best in the show were awarded on the show floor. It is one of the year’s biggest knife show and champions are announced every year. LionSteel won the honor of the Show Knife for the third consecutive year, The 2016 best knife award was bagged by a heat sensitive handle with coating from solid back camouflage pattern even at around 73O F. The knife was first launched at the SHOT show in the month of January last year.

The Blade Sports National cutting championship saw Donavon Philips and Jessi Elias took down Dan Keffeler who was the champion for three consecutive years. The BladeSports was more from just a knife safety advocate into a global organization that recognizes talent from across the globe. The proud moment was Jessi winning the first ever Women’s Championship.

On the table was 52 knives brought from Raymond Johnson. The ultimate entry for the Most Innovative Design was bagged by C D H K for the unorthodox multi-folding tool karambit design by Mandola Defense. For more convincing knife find the “Head over to Hammer Down Forge”. Knife Rights bagged a couple of awards. The Freedom Point Award was given to Police Officer Travis C for his undeterred support for the cause.

Another stunner on the show was the Benchmade Gold Class 810-161 carbon fiber laminate blade that matches the handle. You can find only 30 limited editions produced. Unnamed polished flipper prototypes from Steel Will Knives were a stealer. The company has the reputation for large outdoor fixed blades. It is worth checking out these wonder knives. Find pure class from the Custom Knife Factory the Muscle 8.3 oz. 

This event has attracted interest from all corners of the globes. More than 700 custom-knife manufacturers, industry experts and collectors took part in the exhibition and for years it has been considered the world’s biggest custom knife show. Truly, it was worth being a part of it!

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Cold Steel Knives - Not Just For Martial Arts

Cold Steel is used for creating the sharpest blades on the planet. The company continues to be accountable for several improvements which have changed the cold steel knife's history. It has additional items as well, although it focuses on production blades which are utilized in the fighting styles.

The company was founded in the year 1980 by fighting styles lover Lynn Thompson. While practicing fighting styles at a young age, Thompson discovered that the swords which were available broke quickly and he chose to produce pointed and powerful blades ideal for fighting style’s use. It had been the only real blade maker that specialised in creating knives suitable for fighting styles once the organization was formed. Through the years, the organization has created several new functions that help in handling and more effective cutting. These functions range from the point edge design, Kraton handle, Tri Ad lock system, along with a host of knife steels, like the San Mai III material. Using its own long time expertise in blade making it has excellent technology to aid development and production. Cold Steel has positioned itself as one of the key producers of blades on the planet. Its blades are made in China, Taiwan, Asia, South Africa, and America.

Cold Steel Knives produce a variety of kinds of portable cutting instruments, including fixed-blade knives, machetes, swords, kukris, spears, tomahawks and others. Additionally, it makes walking sticks, blowguns, and pepper spray. The organization uses a wide selection of top quality steels to create its cutting instruments, like the VG-1 San Mai III Metal, 1055 Carbon Steel, 4116 Krupp, and AUS8A.

Cold Steel is famous because of its fascinating marketing movies. Numerous assessments are performed in these movies to show its knives' power, sharpness, and accuracy.  Included in these are cutting big bits of beef, striking through vehicle hoods etc.They're the sole main blade maker that displays the reducing power and energy of its blades through video presentations, and these movies offer adequate proof that its blades are exceptional in quality when compared to many different blades that are offered in the market. Furthermore, the organization also creates martial arts shopping and instruction DVDs. Its site also includes directions for applying fascinating sharp edged tools  and interviews in addition to helpful details about swords and blades.

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Cold Knives – High Performance And Affordable Price

Cold knives, also known as cold steel knives, are one of the sharpest and sturdiest knives ever. These knives are the best bet to help survive in most difficult of conditions. Even if you are not that outdoorsy, it still makes sense to have one of these in your armor. They cut through materials as if slicing through butter. One of the best knives, these are must-haves for military personnel, chefs, martial arts enthusiasts, and several others. They can easily cut through meat, hard woods and several other materials that are otherwise very hard to cut. Besides these kinds of uses, people can carry cold knives for self defense purpose as well.

Let’s take a closer look at Cold Knives
Cold knives are generally made from supreme quality steel like VG-1 stainless steel, 4116 Krupp stainless steel; San Mai laminated steel or SK-5 high carbon steel. These kinds of superior quality steel make these knives terrifically strong. Cold knives are most sought after tools for those who are going on outdoor trips. Carry one cold steel knife and you will be sorted for any kind of job that requires a sharp edged tool. It will help you in many different ways, from cutting through animals, ropes, trees, vines; this will come extreme handy. Do make sure you carry a cold steel pocket knife when venturing out in the wilderness. 

Apart from being strong and sturdy these knives are also flexible. That is the reason they help you cut through very easily without breaking up. The world famous Kukri knife from Nepal is a variant of cold knives. Cold knives are also the most sought after items for knife collectors. They are tested hard for durability, sharpness and performance. Amongst several other benefits of cold knives, comes the advantage of the very pointed and robust spear point. It is because of this superior fine yet very tough point that it is possible for the knife to pierce through about anything.  Cold knives come in several variants, from pocket knives, swords, hunting knives and tomahawks. 

What’s so special about the Cold Knives listed here?
Our name is synonymous with quality. We offer an exciting array of cold knives. The company offers extremely reliable and dependable cold knives across all genres. Be it tactical knives, pocket knives, collectible knives, swords or even cutlery, they deliver nothing but the best. Made with top-notch quality steel, these knives have extremely sharp edges, are sturdy and very-very durable. From the biggest to the smallest cold knives, they have an offering for every need. The cold knives from this company come in both fixed and foldable variants. 

Our online portal lists out a wide range of knives to meet your demands. Even a casual glance will show how comprehensive our directory has become. This has led to a rise in the number of clients, and the consequential need to update ourselves and our site. Most of our employees now undergo regular training programs, the most recent one being Salesforce Sales Cloud Consulant – Certification Training. Even a recent article at stressed the need to adopt innovative measures such as these, to stay ahead of the competition. 

Cold Knives are highly versatile and are used in many different sectors like military, law enforcement, self defense, martial arts and more.

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Friday, 10 March 2017

Why Cold Steel Knives Are Great Knives

Have you ever enjoyed the presentations done by the Cold Steel Knives creator Lynn C. Thompson? He does some of the coolest, smartest, the most incredible knife presentations you have actually ever seen. As soon as you view his demonstrations you'll understand why his knives are so popular. Lynn established Cold Steel Knives method back in 1980 in California and has ever since made his line of knives famous.

He brings a large range of weapons and knives and shows the strength and resilience of every single one of them by making videos on them. He reveals before the general public how strong and hard his knives are by slicing through cars and truck hoods, meat, bone, tough woods and other tough-to-cut items.

His large choice of knives has something for all type of knife- loving individuals whether they're hunters, knife nuts or the typical martial arts fighter. Cold Steel utilizes VG-1 stainless-steel, 4116 Krupp stainless-steel, 1055 carbon steel, SK-5 high carbon steel, San Mai laminated steel, and AUS 8A steel to produce their  knives. This is exactly what makes them as strong as they are. If they were made with low-cost steel they would have the same quality. Given that they utilize high quality steel the knives are much more resilient and longer-lasting than ever.

This is still among the few  knife businesses out there that produces a few of their items in our good old U.S.A. That's stating a lot because the majority of items now days are constantly made outside America.

When hunters and sportspersons are skinning an elk, deer or a moose, we wish them to have the sharpest and the best knife we can make. I have had experiences in the past with low-cost, dull blades and it makes quartering out an elk the most difficult task ever. Due to the fact that the blade is too dull this task can be extremely discouraging. Even if you're simply gutting a fish, not being able to slice up it's stomach can be frustrating.

Having a sharp blade is extremely crucial when you're out in the wilderness away from safety. You cannot simply hop onto your truck and cruise into the nearest town for another knife if you're miles away from the nearby roadway and even further away from the nearby city. Being prepared with the right kind of knife before you set out on any expedition or task is important. 

Make certain the next time you visit the hills or the lake that you have a reliable blade. Believe me, absolutely nothing is worse than aiming to skin or cut up an animal and not being able to do it.

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