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The History Of Knives

Every item you see around has a history attached to itself. Even a small pencil was once a significant discovery. Therefore there are a few interesting facts you must know about Knives. Since the time of early men tools similar to knife have been a lot in use. It was one of the most critical devices, and it still has some significance attached to it. As a vital tool, it was used by people to combat wild animals or any dangers. It soon became a fundamental necessity after people realized how to use the device and how helpful it can be.
When early men were still discovering tools, they used knives like tools made of stone. Today you see blades made of stainless steel in front of you. But, there have been several modifications over the years. Very later from the time when the fire got discovered, and men realized that metal could be melted using fire, did the use of metal knives started. Once knives were so much in the fashion; that there were extra attachments to give the blade a rugged look. For instance, the handle of the knife was decorated using animal skin or fancy covers. Feathers were attached too to make it look beautiful.
These knives were a matter of pride, and not many could buy it. Therefore wealthy persons who possessed these knives always remained proud of their possession. Not until many centuries the concept of metallurgy came in to practice. Only after factories were build and labors appointed, the metal knives were created. Softer types of metal were used to create the most flexible and usable blades. Bronze knives were made, but they did not get much attention later as they were not durable. Bronze knives had very less flexibility hence they broke very quickly.
A knife should be durable enough for its purpose, or else there is no point in using it. The strength is also a factor of great significance in case of any knife. With every passing year, different metals were experimented with making knives. After iron there was steel, and these knives were solid. This material is available across the globe. Blades created with these materials broke all barriers of sharpness and endurance. The sharpness of a steel knife can be easily maintained.
Give it to a metal sharpener, and they will get it sharpened using the stone or wheel arrangement. There are different kinds of knife you must know about. There are bread knives which are meant for breakfast. A serrated blade will be good enough to allow somebody to cut a loaf of bread.
Carving or meat knife is essential when you are cooking meat. These knives are used for boning as well and are very strong and sharp. They can easily be used to process bones, fish, and chicken. Cleaver is another type of knife which is used to cut bones. For carving meat, a butcher's knife would be needed. Then comes a dull kitchen knife that helps you cut vegetable and other softer items. Lastly, there are knives on the table that you must have seen. They are meant for eating purpose.
You should know about some fascinating knives from across the world. Some of them are either in the museum or are privately owned by an individual as a part of his or her collection. Weapons will get replaced all the time. Hence there is no point in thinking that a weapon is the best. Every weapon has their usage and might have modifications depending on the specific use. Earlier knives were used in war, but now they are not. Kukri is a type of blade that has its origin from Nepal. It was made famous by the Gurkha regiment.
Parrying dagger was meant for experts who knew how t use a knife. There were many varieties of this dagger. Jambiya is another variety of blade kept by people. In Yemen, these daggers were often worn as a self-esteem booster. People took it as an inspiration for their manhood and social class. Jambiyas were gorgeous knives. Especially its outer covering was all decorated with jewels and in the most elegant way. Every man used to carry it with them no matter where they go. There were other such knives you should know about like Sai, Trench Knife, Kris, Misericorde and Tukana wrist knife.

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