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Tips To Choose The Right Kitchen Knife

Man cooking and slicing fresh vegetables on a rustic kitchen worktop - Best Kitchen Knife Concept

A knife is one of the essential tools which are used for various purposes in the kitchen. Knives can indeed make your job easy inside the kitchen. Several types of knives are available in the market, and each serves a unique purpose.  Choosing the right knife is essential for a chef who works in a restaurant. It is not easy to choose the right type of knife without the help of experts. Every chef would tailor his/her knives collection based on their needs. Here chefs of NSB Caterers offer you some useful advice on choosing the right type of kitchen knife. You can also have an overview of the different types of a kitchen knife.

Know the Purpose

Make sure that you use the right knife for the right purpose. This can help in finishing the job soon. Indeed, you cannot use the carving knife to cut meat. Some knives can be used for several purposes inside the kitchen. Thus make sure to own a multitasking knife as it would be a life saver. Using inappropriate knife would be a waste of time.

The following are some of the types of knives available in the market that you can use for kitchen purposes.

Chef's Knife: Chef's knife is a must-have knife collection for a chef who works in a busy restaurant. It makes his/her job more manageable. This knife can be used for slicing, chopping and other tasks which helps to speed up the cooking. It makes your life easy inside the kitchen. You would feel good to cook with a chef’s knife.

Set of steel kitchen knive
Paring Knife: This is a small knife which is used for paring, slicing and peeling vegetables and fruits. This is a perfect tool that you can carry with you when you go for picnics. There are two types of paring knife serrated blade or a straight blade, and each would serve a specific purpose.

Utility Knife: This is another multitasking knife which is known for its versatile purposes. You might find it convenient to use a utility knife compared to the chef’s knife. This knife can be used for various utilities like slicing, mincing, cleaning veggies and of course to cut fruits and vegetables. This knife is comfortable because of its right size, which makes it easy to handle.

Bread Knife: A freshly baked bread loaf can be sliced only with the help of a bread knife. This knife contains numerous serrations which bite the crusts of bread loaf. With this knife, you can enjoy a bite of soft bread. It is a must-have knife in bakeries and coffee houses.

Steak Knife: This type of knife is used to deal with the steak, and you can enjoy your meat with this wonderful and unique tool. It makes your job easy when you wish to cook tasty steak dishes.

Brown bread on a steak knife

Boning Knife: This knife would help to debone a fish without disturbing the fleshy portion of it. It contains a flexible blade with a fine tip. You can include this knife in your knife collection when you prepare a lot of meat dishes.

Fillet Knife: This is another flexible knife which is used to deal with meat. When you know to handle this knife, you can soon become a surgeon of meat and fish.
Carving Knives: This comes as a set as you might require many knives for the carving purpose. These tools make carving simple, and you can impress people with your beautiful vegetable and fruit carvings. A carving set would be of great use when you wish to slice a piece of chicken from a roasted chicken leg. Just make use of the pronged fork to slice out the meat without damaging
the meat.

Vegetable Knife: You would enjoy chopping your veggies with this wonderful vegetable knife. You can process the vegetables is no time with this vegetable knives collection.

Clever: This is a great tool when you deal with hard meat with bones. You can chop lobsters and other hard meat with this knife.

Mezzaluna: This is a tool which is used to chop your herbs. This knife resembles a half moon and helps in chopping certain type of vegetables.

Here is your buying guide for ceramic knives .

The above inputs would help to purchase the right type of knife for your kitchen.

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A Legal Advisor’s Perspective on Carrying a Knife

Legal Advisor’s Perspective on Carrying a Knife

A famous Danish proverb quotes, “He who takes chances wins nothing”. Hence it is to be understood that carrying a knife is equivalent to risking everything in life. Risks like ending up either in prison or in hospital are all the possible end results of carrying a knife. Over and above all of this, a crime caused by a knife has devastating effects on one personally, on his or her family and friends.

It is easy to feel safe by carrying around a knife but many do not understand the seriousness of the dangers involved in doing so. It can take make things go completely out of control, thus taking the situation from bad to worse. These scenarios might seem extreme but deciding to put down the knife will allow one to feel much more safer and at peace with oneself. Let not any situation caused causing one to go to prison or to cause any serious hurt stop one from accomplishing their ambitions in life.

Legal Advisor’s View on Penalties of Carrying a Knife

Giving penalty of carrying a knife with them

Choose Life. Drop the Knife”, was a major awareness program that was conducted in the UK to make public aware of the consequences one might face by carrying a knife. Here are some major costs that one might have to face by carrying a knife on them.

Legal Penalties

Carrying a knife in public can end one in Prison for a few years of penalty just for carrying it, thus creating a criminal record even without a crime.It is not considered as a mode of self-defense or self-protection but can cause a serious offense if found carrying a knife Taking good counseling from a Legal Advisor will give more clarity on what it means carrying a knife.

Emotional Damages

The impact of carrying a knife is not just felt personally but it also affects the loved ones like family and friends around.It is no wish of any parents or grandparents to see their child being killed, injured or in prison due to some crime by holding on to a knife

Affecting one Personally

The knife carried personally can be used against oneself at a given situation Employment becomes a major hassle for one with a criminal record in their names. A personal violence can either cause one’s own life or the life of another creating a huge negative impact in life. Stabbing someone for personal safety is no real safety. It Is important to not cause a loss of life with one’s own bare hands.

The Legalities from Legal Advisor’s Point of View

Carrying a knife in public on oneself is considered Unlawful and a prohibited act. In most of the states in India it is considered a crime to even show it openly in public. This action will increase the stress in public places and also will be taken into action immediately. But certain states do agree on carrying a knife without it being detected or seen from outside. Here are some points to ponder on the legal aspect of carrying a knife.

A knife more than 9 inches in length and 2 inches in width requires a license to be carried.

However foldable pocket knives does not come under this group.

  1. A knife more than 9 inches in length and 2 inches in width requires a license to be carried. However foldable pocket knives does not come under this group.
  2. It is always better to notify the local police about why a knife is being carried in public and receive a No-objection Certificate for the same. The local police have all rights to deny one as well.
  3. A legal license can be achieved for a knife just like for guns but both cannot be carried in public as it’s against the law.
  4. Knife and other tools used for Agricultural purpose or domestic purpose is excluded from the Arms Act.
  5. According to the Article 25 of the constitution, it is legal for Sikhs to carry a 3-9 inches long small dagger as a mark of their religion, even on domestic flights. These are called Kripans.
  6. Legally there is no clear statement, which defines the extent of self-defense with a knife.  One can be brought in on an immediate basis for questioning.
  7. It is to be noted that laws change from state to state and to know on what is followed, the same can be checked under Section 4 of Arms Act in the Government’s Notification.

Counseling With a Legal Advisor

It is natural for people to feel stressed about something and the same can be reported to the police but not taken into their own hands. A person with a knife in any public places does cause tension and the same needs to be reported to the police on an immediate basis. To know more on the legalities of carrying a knife on oneself and to obtain a license if required it is best to counsel with a Legal Advisor who can provide the best solution and guidance.

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Stainless Steel Fabrication Swords – Key Variance and Gains

The Metal used for manufacturing a sword is a very important and key factor that plays a major role in determining the quality of the sword. It is proven that metals bronze and iron are comparatively on the weaker side when compared to that of Steel. Earlier days, most of the Japanese and Korean swords were made of bronze and iron and were prone to damage. A broken sword had no value or respect and didn’t serve its purpose in the battlefield. Over the period of time when steel was invented to be used instead of bronze and iron for making swords, things changed.

It is to be noted that steel swords gave a considerably better and superior quality in showing its strength and sustainability. When compared to the ones made in other metals steel swords had the strength to hold an edge. Present world gives a varied range of steel used in producing swords. Among them here is a study done between Stainless Steel Fabrication Swords and High- Carbon Steel Swords.

Stainless Steel Fabrication Swords Vs. High-Carbon Swords

Stainless Steel Fabrication Swords

12% of Chromium is used in the fabrication of Stainless Steel Swords, whereas other normal steel swords consists of more content of iron and traces of carbon in their mixture. The main advantage of using Chromium in that it does not allow the Sword to rust that easily. In turn when iron gets exposed to moisture, due to oxidation the metal iron into iron oxide, which is what we call as rust. Usage of Chromium helps form a sleek layer over the iron thus protecting it from moisture and hence no rusting.

Stainless steel Swords can be sharpened easily. As a negative when compared to its equivalent High Carbon, it does not hold an edge. Stainless steel Fabrication Swords are good for shorter swords such as Kitchen knife.

High-Carbon Swords

This sword is again made of steel but with a heavy usage of Carbon rather than stainless steel. Due to the higher usage of carbon the sword is made firmer and sturdier blades. This strength in return gives less wear and tear to the sword and the strength to hold an edge is much stronger. High- Carbon swords are minimally protected from rust. It requires high maintenance by wiping the blade carefully and regularly protecting it from moisture. Its sensitivity level is high enough for every a small fingerprint’s moisture is a good enough amount for it to rust.

Stainless Steel Fabrication Swords – Pros and Cons

“Is Stainless Steel Fabrication good for swords?” is a question in the minds of all persons who are interested in sword making and its techniques. Many believe that Stainless Steel Swords are good only for display purposes. It has many wonderful properties such as resistance to rust and hence corrosion free when compared to High-Carbon Steel swords. However on the other side the grades of stainless steel used to manufacture kitchen knife blades has a low power to handle control and flexibility.

A stainless steel will not be able to manage an impact as severe as the historical times when it
comes in contact with war based accessories like armor, shield or another sword. On the counter, a high-carbon steel sword will be able to take the resistance caused by the impacts of any heavy metal or surface, due to the treatment of the blades in heat. It is to be noted that the same process cannot be applied for Stainless Steel Fabrication Swords as the metal is not heat treatable.

High-Carbon Steel Swords are tough with hard edges and had the hardening ability when heated. A very talented and knowledgeable Sword smith would be able to produce a beautiful strong and stable sword by retaining its flexibility towards any impact and damage.

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