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A Legal Advisor’s Perspective on Carrying a Knife

Legal Advisor’s Perspective on Carrying a Knife

A famous Danish proverb quotes, “He who takes chances wins nothing”. Hence it is to be understood that carrying a knife is equivalent to risking everything in life. Risks like ending up either in prison or in hospital are all the possible end results of carrying a knife. Over and above all of this, a crime caused by a knife has devastating effects on one personally, on his or her family and friends.

It is easy to feel safe by carrying around a knife but many do not understand the seriousness of the dangers involved in doing so. It can take make things go completely out of control, thus taking the situation from bad to worse. These scenarios might seem extreme but deciding to put down the knife will allow one to feel much more safer and at peace with oneself. Let not any situation caused causing one to go to prison or to cause any serious hurt stop one from accomplishing their ambitions in life.

Legal Advisor’s View on Penalties of Carrying a Knife

Giving penalty of carrying a knife with them

Choose Life. Drop the Knife”, was a major awareness program that was conducted in the UK to make public aware of the consequences one might face by carrying a knife. Here are some major costs that one might have to face by carrying a knife on them.

Legal Penalties

Carrying a knife in public can end one in Prison for a few years of penalty just for carrying it, thus creating a criminal record even without a crime.It is not considered as a mode of self-defense or self-protection but can cause a serious offense if found carrying a knife Taking good counseling from a Legal Advisor will give more clarity on what it means carrying a knife.

Emotional Damages

The impact of carrying a knife is not just felt personally but it also affects the loved ones like family and friends around.It is no wish of any parents or grandparents to see their child being killed, injured or in prison due to some crime by holding on to a knife

Affecting one Personally

The knife carried personally can be used against oneself at a given situation Employment becomes a major hassle for one with a criminal record in their names. A personal violence can either cause one’s own life or the life of another creating a huge negative impact in life. Stabbing someone for personal safety is no real safety. It Is important to not cause a loss of life with one’s own bare hands.

The Legalities from Legal Advisor’s Point of View

Carrying a knife in public on oneself is considered Unlawful and a prohibited act. In most of the states in India it is considered a crime to even show it openly in public. This action will increase the stress in public places and also will be taken into action immediately. But certain states do agree on carrying a knife without it being detected or seen from outside. Here are some points to ponder on the legal aspect of carrying a knife.

A knife more than 9 inches in length and 2 inches in width requires a license to be carried.

However foldable pocket knives does not come under this group.

  1. A knife more than 9 inches in length and 2 inches in width requires a license to be carried. However foldable pocket knives does not come under this group.
  2. It is always better to notify the local police about why a knife is being carried in public and receive a No-objection Certificate for the same. The local police have all rights to deny one as well.
  3. A legal license can be achieved for a knife just like for guns but both cannot be carried in public as it’s against the law.
  4. Knife and other tools used for Agricultural purpose or domestic purpose is excluded from the Arms Act.
  5. According to the Article 25 of the constitution, it is legal for Sikhs to carry a 3-9 inches long small dagger as a mark of their religion, even on domestic flights. These are called Kripans.
  6. Legally there is no clear statement, which defines the extent of self-defense with a knife.  One can be brought in on an immediate basis for questioning.
  7. It is to be noted that laws change from state to state and to know on what is followed, the same can be checked under Section 4 of Arms Act in the Government’s Notification.

Counseling With a Legal Advisor

It is natural for people to feel stressed about something and the same can be reported to the police but not taken into their own hands. A person with a knife in any public places does cause tension and the same needs to be reported to the police on an immediate basis. To know more on the legalities of carrying a knife on oneself and to obtain a license if required it is best to counsel with a Legal Advisor who can provide the best solution and guidance.

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