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An Insight About The Different Types Of Kitchen Knives

Set Of Kitchen Knives

A knife is an essential tool that we make use of in a kitchen. It is mainly used for chopping, cutting, slicing and other activities for preparing various types of food. A single kitchen knife would not be sufficient. You may require a set of kitchen knives each serving a specific purpose. Here you would know about the different types of kitchen knives and their use.

Common Types Of Kitchen Knives

Bread knives: This type of knife is used for slicing different types of bread. It is usually 7-10 inches long and comes with serrated blades. It is easy to cut through the crispy crust utilizing this type of knife. 
Boning Knives: This type of knife is mainly used for separating bone from the meat. It is highly flexible and stiff. There are various styles and sizes of a boning knife. You can choose one based on your need. 
Butcher Knives: You can use this type of knife for breaking cuts in meat and trimming the fat. The slight curve that comes with this type of knife helps to cut through the meat. Using this knife, one can cut the meat without shredding or tearing it. 
Chef Knives: This is one of the essential knives required for most of the kitchen cutting tasks. This is a versatile tool wide knife that tapers. It is ideal for chopping, mincing, slicing, and other similar tasks. Chef knives are available in various sizes and styles. 
Cleavers: This is a type of kitchen knife, and it is the largest knife in the kitchen knife set. It comes with thin and lightweight blades which can be used for crushing garlic, cutting vegetables and meat. 
Paring Knives: You can use this type of knife for peeling vegetables, chopping fruits, deveining shrimp and also for slicing cheese. There are various types of pairing knives. They are listed below. 

  • Spear Point
  • Bird's Beak
  • Sheep's Foot
Slicing Knives: This type of knife is mainly used for slicing meat. 
The above are the different types of kitchen set which is widely used by people all over the world. 

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