Thursday, 20 June 2019

Blade and Sorcery – The Next Gen Advancement

Sword weapons

Blade and Sorcery is equivalent to Geralt of Rivia. Here is an introduction to the nitty-gritties of the game by playing a few levels by running, turning. jumping and handling of sword. Again handling of sword is to avoid dragging or bumping the sword. Once the basics are strong then going into the details of the tips in mastering the better handling of sword is looked into. 

The Guidelines to have a Good Gameplay

  • Going Low
It is a mortal Combat and thus everything goes. It’s not a challenge of crunches but a very unique way to get a complete workout done. The two scenarios of Sword vs Shield and Sword vs Multiple weapons are the ones the gives a good idea on how a good challenge is won.

  • Leaping
A fundamental movement that offers some entertaining chances is a leap. This movement enforces the attackers to guard high and aids in unlocking fights that cant be won easily. With a good angle, a leaping sword with the help of a wooden shield helps with a good strike. 

  • Blade Mastering
Catching and grabbing the Sword is considered a very handy move. The rudimentary sequence is knocking the attacker with the hand holding the sword and making sure the blade is up during the round of defense. Once the offender falls, the sword is flipped and stabbed to conclude.

  • Heave Everything
Throwing knives, shields, daggers, allowed. Hitting hard on the main man is the ultimate target to have a good finish. Finishing an opponent when unshielded by throwing the shield at them, make them fall and stab. Once one opponent is done attack the next attacker. A combination of stuns and throw works well where the attacker is hit with the weapon and then weapon is thrown. 

Once the realization that the game is more cinematic, a whole new perspective is given in front of one's eyes. It’s a huge set scene and it's all about knowing how it works. Throwing the swords and punching the opponent to knock them down is the ultimate aim.

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