Sunday, 9 June 2019

Know About The Top Cold Steel Knives

Cold Steel Warcraft Tanto Knife

These days EDC is the most commonly used buzz word. EDC in other word means Every Day Carry without which one would never want to leave their house or place. It has become a part of our life like the wallet, phone, and many such things.

The list of EDC also includes Knife. Most people including the men carry a knife for many reasons. But it does not mean that they single-handedly with the help of knife take care of the 6 thugs. There are many reasons to carry, out which the first point stands out as the best and the cheapest insurance. 

There are many uses of knife like the

  • General Utility – it refers to opening packages and letters, cutting strings, opening boxes, cutting tape, etc.
  • Emergency Use – this includes first aid tape, cutting surgical gauze, freeing clothing at the time of emergency or in danger, cutting out seat belt when in the accident and many more.
  • Heavy Chores – it is used mostly for machinery or car hoses, cutting rope, vinyl or cloth material, fibrous packing tape, leather, etc.
  • Small chores – this refers to day to day activities like the trimming things, sharpening a pencil or any other object, whittling wood, etc.

No doubt that knife is the most dependable tool on earth without which no work would be simple and easy. But there is a lot of confusion about the right EDC knife. 

Characteristics of Knife

It needs to have certain characteristics like

  • It should be handy
  • It needs to be safe and easily accessible
  • It should be comfortable to carry 
  • The quality should be good for daily use
  • it should be lightweight
A knife is useless if it cannot be drawn at the time of emergency. So select a knife for the reason you will mostly be using.

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