Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Popular Types Of Cold Steel Knives

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Cold steel is a famous brand of knife and Tool Company. This brand is known for quality and everyday tool used by Military Law Enforcement and Self Defense professionals. Cold Steel comes with some modern and massive collection of knives and tools. 

Some of the popular models of Cold Steel.

Cold Steel Ti-Lite
This is a common type of Cold Steel Knives which is available in the 4 inches and 6-inch version. You can go for premium and budget builds of cold steel knife. Ti-Lite is a compact knife that fits into your pocket. 

Cold Steel Kobun
It is one of the inexpensive cold steel knives. Kobun is a lightweight and concealable knife which is made up of AUS8A Steel. This model comes with durable Kray-Ex and secure Ex-sheath. 

Cold Steel Code 4
This is a new model cold steel knife which comes with an overbuild folder. This is used mostly for tough use as it comes with Tri-Ad lock. The handle of this knife is made up of aluminum. 

Cold Steel Tuff Lite
This knife comes with a small folder with the blade size about 2. 5 Inch. This is one of the inexpensive cold steel knives which can be used with a Tri-Ad lock.

Cold Steel AK 47
This is similar to the recon family. One can pull the knife in soothing motion with the help of a thumb plate. There are chances for the knife to fly out from our hand, which is prevented by using pommel. This is a secure grip cold knife, and it can be used for hard use. 

Cold Steel SRK
This is the best fixed blade knife, which is considered as standing for survival rescue knife. It contains a 6-inch blade which is made up of various types of steel. 

Cold Steel Black Talon II
It is a specialty knife used for self-defense. This knife would not break easily, and it is possible to take the knife is a wave-like motion with the thumb plate. 

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