Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Sword Buying Guide: Japanese Samarai Sword

Japanese Swords of the Gokaden

Have you ever seen a Japanese Samarai Sword? If not, you sure are missing something big. It has everything to make it look classy, cool and at the same time modern.

The blade of the sword is made of 1055 high carbon steel which has the power to put any other sword to shame. The curves are perfect and super clean and the lines are just exact. The blades are much wider and shiny. And the finishing is a roughed to look savage. 

Just imagine holding the finest sword on earth. No doubt, you will definitely look like the samurai ready to take care of 50 thugs. The holder is perfect with tight cord wrapping and the diamond design wraps the sword perfectly.

The mekugi is 1/3 thicker with exact fittings and the panels of rayskin are very good. The tsuba is smaller and comfortable and is made of blackened iron just like the other fittings. The unique part of all the fittings is that they kind of share the arrow theme and it has a little bend to its finish.

Pros of Japanese Samarai Sword

  • It is durable
  • The extra weight adds to strike more
  • The edges are very sharp
  • The curve gives a classy added look

Cons of Japanese Samarai Sword

  • It is depended on the sharpness of the blade to cut, not like the regular Katana
  • It does balance like the katana
  • The sword is expensive

If you are the diehard fan of the sword, then a decent amount of 300 – 350 bucks is sufficient. A little 100 bucks can be added more for its finish and look. These kinds of swords are made to rule, not in the battlefield or war, but to find the top place in the sword collections or to enhance the look of your home.

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