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Swords and its Categorization

Medieval Militaria Weapons

Swords are a genre of their own kind with an elongated history. It has been many years since the beginning of sword making and usage of swords. Swords have also undergone a massive amount of variations. Following are the 

Reasons behind why as centuries pass swords take to newer change

  1. First, The two important factors that constituted the make of a sword for that particular era are the metal that is accessible and the talent of the sword smith. These variations were seen over the years with metals being replaced by steel swords that were stronger, longer and thinner.
  2. Second, the way the sword was used. The usage was dependent on the welding and also the defense armor used by opponents. For example, attacks by horses used Scimitar type swords while ax like swords were used for producing heavy blows that would break bones.
  3. Third was Speed. This played a massive role in improving the technology of metals over the years. The pinnacle was reached when Rapier proved its speed having a phenomenal range in turn becoming the factor to be considered when curved blades were decided for the Samurai. Drawing the sword in a lightning speed manner was made accessible.

Classification of Swords

  • Rapier – Mainly used to stab, the sword is 36 inches by length and about an inch thick blade from the 16th century or 17th century.
  • Viking Sword – This sword is from the Vikings age. A single-handed sword, which measures about 36-39 inches, is from the 9th to 11th century. Of course it did have many variations later.
  • Falchion – Again measuring in length about 36 inches, it has a blade on one side carrying the characteristics of both axe and sword thus performing a high striking power but with slow speed.
  • Katana – A Japanese sword measuring a length of 24-30 inches with curved blades used for slashing. It is only sharp on one side and is from 14th to 16th century.
  • Scimitar – A Persian Sword, also considered from the Middle East is another sword used for slashing from the 12-16th century.
  • Khopesh – An Egyptian used curved sword from around 3000 BC, measured a length of 20-24 inches made in Bronze first and later was introduced in Iron. It was mainly used to hook and pull the enemy’s weapon.
A few more of the swords that can be mentioned are Sabre, Chinese Dao, Longsword and Roman Gladius. All these swords are typically made during the 11th -19th century. This cross section of different swords provides a better understanding of their classification and their usage depending on its make, skills and speed.

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