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Brief Overview Of Different Types Of Swords

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The word sword means wound or cut. It was mostly used in the ancient days for defending lands and kingdoms. Kings, soldiers and other people make use of swords as it is easy to swing over. It is a symbol of dexterity, liberty, and courage. It is known for its sharpness and its bold look. Movies popularized the use of a sword in the past centuries. Various types of swords were widely used. 

Use Of Swords

Swords were used for war purpose to protect their land and habitat. Later it was used for ceremonial purposes. It was used for the execution of physical punishments. Sword was considered as an honorable weapon in Europe. Swords are also used in martial arts. 

Type of Swords

The following are the different types of swords that were widely in use. 

Bronze Sword: This is the ancient type of sword of the Bronze Age. It was used to defend ancient societies from the Barbarians. They were the first weapon in use before the discovery of steel. 

Makhaira: It is a Greek word machaira which resembles a knife. It is a small sword used by the cavalry. It is often confused for a boomerang. 

Gladius: Gladiators, who fought for entertainment purpose, used this type of swords. It was a dual-edged sword used by Roman soldiers. There were various types of Gladius mostly used. 

Claymore: It is a two-handed sword used in the medieval age. Popular kings mostly used this type of sword: This is a short but boarder sword used by the navy. After the 19th century, this sword was used primarily for ceremonial purpose. 

Viking Sword: This type of sword was mainly used in the Viking era. It is made up of high-quality steel which can withstand high temperature. 

The above are some of the different types of swords widely in use in the past centuries. 

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