Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Perfecting Swordsmanship Skills

Sword Fighting

Practice makes a man perfect. This is a well-known quote to most but it requires hard work to become accomplished. So goes to Swordsmanship as well. The skill requires massive amount of practice and strength to master the art of sword fighting. Every martial art involving a fight with swords is known as Swordsmanship.

Techniques to Master the Art of Sword Fighting

  • Change in Footwork

Avoiding conventional footwork and sticking to medieval times is a better way. It is considered that conventional method is slow and stationary when medieval ones are more steps and forward lunges.

  • Avoid Body Exposure

Standing sideways to the opponent is the most preferred way. Keep the sword as close as possible, pointing towards the challenger. Placement of sword not too high or not too low is the best. Reflex action when attacked should be quick so as to avoid any injuries in the hand.

  • Elimination of unwanted habits

Do not thrust blocks, strikes and deflects as it is a mere waste of both energy and time. Do not catch-22 as it will land one in complete off-balance giving way for the attacker to hit easily. Confidence is the key.

  • Viewpoint is Crucial

Tendency is to look into the attacker’s sword or head. Avoid the same, as these points cause no harm. Instead the attacker’s body parts such as legs, shoulders, arms, etc., become the target.

Sword Fighting – A Martial Art

  • Seize every opportunity

While the attacker counters and defends, it is important to conclude with a blow. Seizing the opportunity and attacking at all given moment is crucial. Making cautious moves is the best idea.

  • Making a move Strategically

Use tricks, spontaneous tools, the situation, disruptions, planned strategies to make the move at the right time.

  • Technique Upgrade

Developing and being updated about all the different and latest techniques of sword fighting is vital.

It is best to use the two-hand sword technique with a closed grip as it allows one to have a faster strike. It is always said to keep things simple and keeping physically fit are important factors that allow striking a balance. Thus management of distance, time, rhythm, speed and advanced footwork a great Swordsmanship qualities.

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