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The Swords of Ditto – The Know-All Tricksters

swords of ditto game

Action based RPGs like The Legend of Zelda has been the top RPGs and the next in line is The Swords of Ditto. The tiny hero and heroine exercise powerful weapons facing the dangers of the world of animation. Fighting the evil overlord Mormo, Travelling to Prisons, learning about different villages, and stealing loot consolidates the major part of the escapade.

The Genuine Tricksters

  • The Hero – The Sword
The sword that belonged to Ditto handled by every hero of each era is the real hero of the show. The sword is given experiences by players and while the levels move up and when the hero dies, the sword moves to the next hero. The Sword gives complete perseverance throughout the story.

  • The Ticking Clock to Mormo
Patience is not a virtue for people of Ditto and it isn’t for Evil Mormo too. Thus within the time limit provided the heros are expected to lift the curse before facing the witch. By collecting Celestial Token from chests, the time can be alleviated.

  • Buddies revived with a Hug
During the play, when the buddy falls prey to Mormo’s gangs of ruthless threatening beasts, their trustful allies using a Hug can revive them.

Tricks and Tips using Mysterious Characters

  • Level up the Sword
When a player is in a Dungeon or a township, the timeline stops to fight Mormo. Thus it is important to make use of the stoppage and collect as much of loot as possible so as to level up the sword to fight.

  • Explore every corner
There are many holes, caves, wells and everything one can find before actually going into the dungeon. Once the sword is powered up, new devices will appear to help the progress along the way.

  • Charming Secret Characters
The whole landscape of the Ditto Island hides many beautiful characters that will render their services and skills to chase the quest and attain victory.

Many other tips and tricks such as collection of many hero stickers, Trading the same stickers for cash in return, Chasing and fighting the monster residing rooms in Dojo and trail blaze by stocking up bombs to make this adventure even more fun and excitement filled.

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