A Look Behind The History Of Toledo Swords

The history of Toledo swords and knives is enormous. It goes back centuries where the craft was passed down from father to son. Distinguishable because of their excellent quality and unsurpassed durability, Toledo blades are more art than labor. In this site, we give you a peek behind the artistic history of Toledo Swords and Knives

Toledo Swords 

  • Made out of Toledo steel, the swords and blades have fantastic flexibility because the core is of iron over which metal is layered. 
  • Between fifteenth and seventeenth century, any warrior that owned a Toledo sword was known for his strength and superiority. 
  • At the end of 17th century, the weapons industry began to wane out, and the arms factory began to rise. 
  • This movement ensured that Toledo blades moved from the battlefield to armory museums or collectible displays. 
  • As of today, the swords are not made of Toledo steel; instead, they are forged out of carbon steel. 
  • The change was incorporated because the blades do need any strength.

The process of making Toledo Swords is not only fascinating but also steeped in tradition. It gives you a glimpse of something that is centuries old. To know more about the history of Toledo knives or swords and get a glance of antique beauty click here.

Knives – Tools Of Evolution, Innovation & Progress 

Right from the time man began hunting for food the most important tool has been the knife. Knives have not only helped our evolution as humans but also contributed to military, science, culture, and technology. Modern civilization is at this point thanks to knives because the multipurpose and straightforward tool helped us survive. Just some of the areas where blades have helped us are combat, construction and the apparent preparation of food. It is the most elemental tool. It is the point from where all other devices were further designed.
They began as simple stone and rock knives and then morphed into bronze and other soft material blades with the discovery of fire. With an improvement in technology, these bronze knives changed into something more durable – the steel and iron blades. No matter the material they are made of knives are genuinely the soul behind innovation, evolution, and progress in all sectors of our lives.

Tips To Help You Store Your Knives & Sword Properly

A tool is as good as the condition it is kept in. Therefore, the storage method used to keep knives and swords become vital.  When it comes to kitchen knives, there are three ways to store them. The first is to use a magnetic strip attached to the wall. The blades will stick to the magnet and be easy to access while you work on the counter. This storage technique is not advised for homes with little children. In such cases, instead of wall mount, a drawer is the better option.
The tip here is to have slots that can be used to fit different sizes of knives. The third method to store knives is a knife block. This storage method again gives easy access to knives while you are working.  When it comes to swords, a scabbard is the best choice to keep them. The sheath should be clean and dry while the blade should be waxed.

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